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inspiration. collaboration. sisterhood.

Do you have the desire and drive to reach your goals and make 2018 an extraordinary year? Do you feel passionate about your business or have a challenge that you want to overcome? Would it help you to have a close support network of female bosses who understand your goals and who are willing to help you achieve them?

Sound like you? Well register your interest in our WE Mean Business Mastermind below and let's get to work! 

What is a Mastermind?

A Mastermind is an online brainstorm consisting of a group of people who have a similar interest (in this case, kick ass women entrepreneurs who run their own business).  The Mastermind is essentially an opportunity to focus on your 90-day goals, have conversations about your business, and gain advice from other knowledgeable bosses. In exchange, you will also share your knowledge and expertise to help others in the group. A Mastermind session should motivate, inspire and support you to achieve your business goals.

The Masterminds will be hosted by either Laura Hewitt or Leila Williams. If you don’t know us, Laura is the founder of WE Mean Business and also runs Habiib, selling a curated collection of mid century furniture and homewares. Leila is the woman behind LWVA, a freelance virtual assistant focused on helping creative women in business. And yes, we are sisters! 

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What's does it involve?  

The WE Mean Business Masterminds run in a four month block and focus on your 90-day goals. There will be one Mastermind session per month, it will take place online (around 90mins) and will involve the same participants each month. 

Prior to the Mastermind starting, we ask you to set your Results Goals, Progress Goals and Tasks (don't worry we'll give you more info on this later and can help you with them.) These goals and tasks will be what we focus discussion on throughout the Mastermind. 

For a monthly fee of just £22.50 you will get

  • a space in the online Mastermind meetings with focused advice and guidance relating to your goals;
  • access to a wealth of support and expertise from other women entrepreneurs who know what you are working towards; and
  • weekly (gentle) prompts and reminders to help keep you motivated and accountable.  


  • You also get access to a private Facebook group just for your Mastermind where we will keep up-to-date with your progress, discuss any issues you might be facing and need help with or just as a space to ask questions and get advice in between sessions. 

Please note that we do ask that you commit to a four-month block with payment in full upfront. This is to ensure we have full attendance each month and can really get to work on helping you and your business grow. Payment won't be taken until we confirm your spot on a Mastermind. 


We like your enthusiasm! First step is to register your interest in participating in a WE Mean Business Mastermind by the deadline date of Wed 7th February 2018. 

After the closing date, we will pick suitable candidates to participate in two new Mastermind groups. When picking the successful participants, we will consider your experience and the goals/challenges you highlighted and will match them against the goals and experience of the other participants. This is to ensure that you really benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the selected group members and that these are the right people to support you in achieving your business goals.

Still not sure it's right for you?

You may recall that we launched a Mastermind Pilot last year for six WE Mean Business members? Well it was a huge success! We continued it past the original pilot date and are super pleased to say that all original members have opted to continue participating in the Mastermind group in 2018. Here's what some of the OG members have to say about the WE Mean Business Mastermind:

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Taking part in the mastermind has given Bonnie Bling a real kick up the bum to be honest! When I've been caught up in everyday business tasks it has kept me focused on larger goals, helping me keep momentum going. It helps me to know I am progressively chipping away at the bigger picture for my business, even when I don't feel like it myself. Having the others in the group to chat to, feedback with and share support with is really invaluable and has led to real life meet ups outwit the group. My goal setting and task managing has improved significantly since I joined the Mastermind and I love having the group to 'check in'  with or hold me to account to see how I'm progressing.
 - Mhairi Mackenzie, Bonnie Bling
The WE Mean Business Mastermind has made me accountable for my actions. It’s all very well running a business but sometimes it’s good to give yourself some perspective, time to reflect and space to celebrate your wins, the mastermind has allowed me that time and that satisfaction! What I love about the group is that their opinions and your opinions are valued and it’s ok to ask ‘What shall I do?’
- Kate Clifford, Vanilla Ink.
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